2018 Taiwan Future Short Films Week in TOKYO

Program C

総時間 01:14:20

ミスファイヤ / Misfire / 不發火台湾 徐浩軒 HSU, HAO-HSUAN 2017年制作
Drama 00:23:55


Tomorrow will be the annually advanced equipment inspection, but how come an excess material shows on the tank!
On the advanced equipment inspection day, all the equipment number must the same as record, otherwise it will influence commander’s promotion. If commander was in a bad mood, all soldiers in the army couldn’t avoid punishment either.

Captain command four tank soldiers to let the excess material disappear, however they have to solve some unexpectedly problems first…Maybe you could disappear the equipment, but could you disappear the problem itself?




ストーキング / The Stalking / 跟蹤マカオ 黎嘉豪LAI, KA-HOU 2018年制作

Drama 00:12:00


A person who feels guilty about life is imagining that he is a screenwriter. In the long-term personal life, he began to produce obsessiveness, which led to the tracking of different passers-by in the pursuit of scriptwriting. Although the rules and principles were set up for his own, It still be broke in a process of tracking, and there was an incident beyond his expectation…


CHEAP SCAM / CHEAP SCAM / 低廉騙局台湾 鄭彥柏 ZHENG, YAN-BO 2018年制作

Drama 00:18:25


Lin, Son-Yu is an anonymous actor who wants to play a policeman. He finally got the dreaming audition opportunity one day. However, it is not a simple role. Son-Yu was inexplicably involved into a retaliatory action, he was even more confused how to play his role and he stepped into this journey.



夢 / Behind the Dream / 靈魂夢魘台湾 路之遠 LU, CHIH-YUAN 2017年制作
Drama 00:20:00


In Behind the Dream, the plot narrates the main protagonist Lin Hsian’s dream

before his death. He incarnates himself as a young actor Lin-Wu who plays a role of a detective called Wu. In the show, Wu is investigating the true reason that lies

behind the death of 13-year-old teenage star. As the shooting of show continues, Lin Hsian gradually realizes that the entire dream leads him to the deepest part of his subconsciousness; the trauma that he refuses to recall.


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