2018 Taiwan Future Short Films Week in TOKYO

Program A

総時間 01:08:08

Lucky Seven / Lucky Seven / 七壙殺台湾 彭楚晴 PENG, TSU-CHING 2018年制作
Drama 00:07:00


There are 7 crew members filming in a township, but something happens and it goes very unusual and weird. There are a tradition that 7 people playing Taiwanese Puppet Show to Pu Tu the ghosts…

劇組一共七人到芬園鄉拍攝,然而拍攝過程中除了有鄉民打擾、有人莫名失蹤,天光也一直如日中天像時間停止一樣。『 道光三年,當地幽魂化作鄉人,聘請布袋戲班一行七人普渡眾幽魂表演布袋戲…』原來彰化地區流傳著一個傳說……。


色のない島 / Color-blind Island / 色盲島台湾 林秉洋 LIN, BING-YANG 2017年制作
Drama 00:28:12


In 2097, heavy pollution has tainted the air, taken away all of its colors. People have become callous to this black and white world. One day, a little boy named Cheng-Yuan, accidentally found a sealed chamber. However, the color disappears as the air enters. Following the clues, Chéng yuán goes on a fantastic journey…



日差しの暖かい午後 / Backlight / 陽光和煦的午後台湾 陳浤CHEN, HUNG 2018年制作
Drama 00:10:38


Yu-Cheng has an older brother who is a blind person, but he has a bad relationship with his brother. Yu-Jing, Yu-Cheng’s brother, is a well-knowing pianist with special favor from their family and friends. However, Yu-Cheng has nothing to prove himself to others in his painting career. One day on the way home, Yu-Cheng saw the weakness his blind brother has. It made Yu-Cheng rethinks the way he treated his brother.



京劇人生 / An actor of Peking Opera / 京戲豈是路台湾 蘇家弘 SU, CHIA-HUNG, 2018年制作
Drama 00:22:18


Peking Opera, also known as Guo Ju in Taiwan, has been struggling with losing popularity just like other traditional art forms. Young Peking Opera actors are now facing the dilemma of going with the modern trend or inheriting the traditional culture. Ye Yu De, an actor who has been learning Peking Opera since childhood, has a deep love for it and tries to make more people know about Peking Opera in his own way. How can a single actor influence the public against the modern trend?



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