2016台湾未来映画週間 Taiwan Future Short Film Week in TOKYO


Taiwan Future Short Film Week in TOKYO

2016台湾未来映画週間 in Tokyoがやってきました! 今年の未来映画祭では台湾の素晴らしいショートフィルムの数々が上映され、東京を皮切りに台北、台中、嘉義、台南などで計10回にのぼる巡回ツアーが行われます。どの作品も内容豊かで、人間や命についての思索がこめられ、笑いあり涙ありの感動の物語ぞろい。どうか映画のなかに皆さんご自身のストーリーを、そして台湾の魅力を見つけてください!

2016 Taiwan Future Short Film Week in Tokyo will be start!  This time lots of perfect short film works for Taiwan is bring by「Fiture Film Day」, will be show up at Tokyo, and tour festival to Kyoto, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, over 10 times tour festival.  In the program, it’s also very rich and deep, like Discussion on Humanity, Inspiring of life, and process is included cry and joy.  It’s our pleasure, when you watched  the films, it could touch your heart, and appear our island-Taiwan!



Chairman of Taiwan Future Film Development Association 林瑋倫


Secretary-general of Taiwan Future Film Development Association 王政揚


2016 Taiwan Future Short Film Week in Tokyo will be hold! In programs, will be show 25 Taiwan amazing films at The Taiwan Culture Centre in Tokyo, include drama, animation , experimental films etc.! We hope audiences can find out lots of interesting Taiwanese Culture by the festival. In grand opening(10/22), 2 Taiwanese directors will be attend to After-Screening Discussion. We sincerely invite you to come to the festival.


Facebook Page:goo.gl/tWC8ny

【オープニング / OPENING】(日本語 Japanese Only)

2016.10.22(土)1400~16:50 p.m.
105-0001 東京都港区 虎ノ門1丁目1−12 虎ノ門ビル2F
Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Toranomon, 1 Chome−1−12
予約Reservation:無料 Ticket Free
時間 節目 備註
13:30~14:00 入場(Entrance)
14:00~14:30 ご挨拶(Opening) Japanese Only
14:40~15:50 好好小姐不自在 / 今天我代課上映(Opening Film) Japanese Only
15:50~16:10 監督アフタートーク( After-Screening Discussion) Japanese Only
16:10~16:50 茶會(Exchange Party) Free


【上映 / SCREENING】(日本語 英語字幕 Japanese & English subtitles) *無料 Ticket Free

日期  10:00-11:30  12:30-14:00  14:30-16:00
10/23 プログラムA プログラムB プログラムC
10/26 プログラムB プログラムC プログラムD
10/28 プログラムC プログラムD プログラムA

【アフタートークゲスト / After talk guest】

列印 %e9%99%b3%e6%9f%8f%e5%ae%97%e7%85%a7%e7%89%87
徐子悅 HSU,TZU-YUEH 陳柏宗 / Chen Bo-Chong
好好小姐不自在 Ms.Vanilla / 導演 Director 今天我代課 The Substitute / 導演 Director
My name is Tzu-Yue Hsu, “Ms.Vanilla” was my graduate production. At very beginning, me and my screenwriter wanted to shoot a fun and meaningful film, hoping our audience can enjoy it in a relaxed mood. That is why we made ”Ms.Vanilla” a comedy.
I believed that some of our audience can related themselves to the character Ms.Vanilla. Under the pressure of being socialable, we often find it hard to say no to others, let along speaking out our own thoughts. Furthermore, most of the people advocates objectivism and rationalism nowadays, speaking our own voice out become a silly and laughable behavior.
Hope one day every kinds of people and voices will be respected and appreciated. And we can all speak genuinely, without fear of being judged and laughed at.
In college years, took parts in student films and made friends from different schools. Later, started to tell stories through images.


林瑋倫 夏原健
林瑋倫 Wei-Lun, Lin ( Weikalossu.Lin ) 夏原健 Ken Natsuhara
フェスティバルディレクター / Festival Director 映画プロデューサー / Film Producer
Mr. Lin earned a graduate degree from the Kyoto City University of Arts. With a focus on international collaborative businesses, he actively works as Taiwan coordinator and producer for content general-copyrighting and portrait rights trading, location and market planning, etc. He also established an NPO called “FUTURE Film Day” to begin his volunteer work. He has hosted the “Youth Series Film Festival” and been involved in the “Taiwan AniCup” and is striving toward the goal of making it the world’s largest union of video organizations. Mr. Lin is the president of the Taiwan Future Film Association. Ken Natsuhara was born in Osaka, Japan and raised in California, USA.  A former Director of Digital Distribution at NBC Universal and Co-Founder and COO at NIUSIA Co., Ltd in Tokyo.Natsuhara’s first produced short film, “Mō Ikkai”, won the Grand Prix as well as the Japan Competition Best Short (Governor of Tokyo Award) and the Audience awards at 2012 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, and his second short film production, “Oh Lucy!”, directed by Atsuko Hirayanagi, won 2nd place at 2014 Cannes Film Festival (Cinéfondation), an honorable mention at 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, the Best International Short Film at the Academy accredited Flickerfest in 2015, and the Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction at Sundance Film Festival 2015.。

【PROGRAM A / プログラム A】

1024x250 由紀交換屋 / Yoki / 由紀交換屋
People in this generation often place the value of goods from it’s monetary price and quantity.We hope from this short film, we will be able to communicate that the value of every goods is derived from how we perceive it and how much emotion and feeling we give to it. Every thing has a need for it or has someone waiting and searching for it.

1024x250 寶島攤車 / Count from 1 to 100, and it will come true / 宝島屋台
There is a mysterious vending cart in this city, and it’s kind of like the mobile stand in the past. Strangely, the pedlar keeps peddling “Selling happiness, selling annoyance” in Chinese and Taiwanese. No one knows what on earth it’s selling. Happiness? Or annoyance? However, it’s said that you can find what you’ve forgotten or the things that you want to retrieve from this mysterious vending cart, just like this couple of brother and sister. They seem to find their little wish from the vending cart.

1024x250辦桌 / Pan Zhog / 宴会
Pan Zhog’ means out door banquet in Hakka, it is the period mark for every death, wedding or celebration in town. Blurring the line of fiction and non-fiction, ‘Pan Zhog’ is a sentimental short film about saying goodbye. Mori-so & Gim were neighbors, friends and partners of Pan Zhog catering banquets for decades. One day Mori-so got a mid-night phone call sending the message of her best friend’s death. Mori-so decide to cater a supper for Gim and her families to say goodbye in the way Mori-so and Gim both familiar with.

無期 / Empty Diary / 無期
The popular high school girl, Ai Lin, accidentally learned the “HsienHsienShou event” and rose the thought to imitate. One day, Ai Lin took a peek of the marginal girl, ShouMu’s diary and decided to bring her into the suicide plan. During the time, a subtle change emerges between their relationships.


【PROGRAM B / プログラム B】

1024x250 恐怖箱 / The Horror Box / 怖い箱
We hope thought the story, appear the trouble in the information society, True and lie, real and unreal….in complex relationship.

1024x250 海獺427 / Otter Space / カワウソ427
In a school sealed with canvas, people all wear otter masks and lead a regular, peaceful life. Otter 427 is in charge of night patrol.One day, a transfer student without a mask arrives, making the Otters panic. At night, while Otter 427 is on duty, the transfer student pulls off its mask. Afterwards, it leads to a series of chaos.

1024x250 盲人村 / In the Land of the Blind / 盲人村
Ever since Bo-Yang published his very first book “In the Land of The Blind”, he has been having trouble writing anything good. He does not believe in himself anymore. Anticipation of his readers, non-stop phone calls from his editor, he senses people doubting his ability. All these have been keeping him tensed and isolated from public. Until the day he receives a mysterious package, with a page of manuscript, it is “Yoko”, a very familiar story that he once know…

逆手刀 / Reverse Knife Hand Strike / 逆手刀
Mei is a famous high school student. Her father is a teacher but was missing. Once, Mei searched for her father.During the survey, Mei meet a girl who almost been sexual assault. Mei involved into the high school girl prostitution and suicide event. Mei also find her father unknown side. The truth is as bloody as the dawn.


【PROGRAM C / プログラム C】

1024x250 好好小姐不自在 / Ms.Vanilla / Ms.バニラ
Ms.Vanilla is a typical “Yes Girl” who worked as a hotline counselor, listening and solving everyone’s problem but her own, her inner self “Anna” will always shows up around her to represent her true voices, their balance was on edge, and now is it going to collapse?

1024x250 今天我代課 / The Substitute / 今日の代講!僕
Scam gang Chief and A-Min mistakenly entered an illegal cram school, and decided to pose as the substitute teacher and the plumber, while they wait for their partner Mad Dog to get them out.

騙子 / LIAR / 詐欺君
詐騙集團的成員吳勝天(施名帥 飾),因差勁的業績而被老闆(陳萬號 飾)下達最後通牒,若是再無法行騙成功就會被開除。沒想到他最後的目標竟是一個住在養老院的老奶奶陳林美枝(白明華 飾),為了完成任務,他必須在茫茫人海中找尋老奶奶失聯多時的兒子。在院友(乾德門 飾)的喝斥下,吳勝天就此展開一場荒誕的尋人之旅。
Defraud’s member Wu,Sheng-Tian (Shih,Ming-Shuai) , due to poor performance, (Chen,Wan- Hao) the boss issued an ultimatum that, if unsuccessful deception will be expelled. Actually his final target was who living in a nursing home old women Chen Lin,Mei-Jhih (Bai,Ming-Hua ) , in order to complete the task, he have to find the old woman 's son in a big crowd who lost contact for a long time . In residents (Cian,De-Men) of the wrist , wu sheng tian embarked on a fantastic journey tracing .
詐欺グループの一員である吳勝天(施名帥役)は、悪い業績で上司(陳萬號 役)に”もしまた失敗したらクビだ”と厳重に注意された。しかし、彼の最後のターゲットはなんと老人ホームに住んでいるお婆さん・陳林美枝(白明華役)である。任務を遂行するため、彼はおばあちゃんの行方不明の息子を探さなければならない。老人ホームの住人(乾德門役)の一喝で、吳勝天の奇天烈な人探しの旅が始まった。

1024x250 一直騎呀一直騎 / Keep Going / ずっと乗ってりゃ
阿山與阿嘉是對熱愛棒球的小兄弟。弟弟阿嘉卻把哥哥心愛的彭政閔簽名球弄丟了,而且還是哥哥約定好要跟心儀的女孩交換的簽名球。 兩個小兄弟騎著一台單車開始遙遠的尋球之旅,要趕在女孩搬家之前回來赴約。
SHAN, who is in 2nd Grade of Junior high school, and JIA, who is in 3rd grade of elementary school. They are brothers who love baseball games. PEILIN, SHAN’s crush girl, is going to move away recently. Therefore, before her departure, they made a promise of exchanging their favorite signed baseballs. In the meanwhile, JIA is on a field trip at the Metropolitan Park, but unluckily lost his brother’s ChiaChia signed ball. In the morning of the next day, they ride on a bike and begin the peration. Yet they have to arrive at school around sunset.

双面寓言 / B-side / 両面物語
Push the button of the tape recorder, there was a fairy tale called “Hansel and Gretel”.  Hansel and Gretel found the way home along the little stones. In reality, however, a girl sticks portraits in every street and alleys with her shaky hands. Who is that woman in the portrait? Why does Tang, Ke-Ru want to pursue her insistently?


【PROGRAM D / プログラム D】

擁抱 / HUG / ハグ
Every morning, on the bus full of crowded people. lovers, students, friends, you, and I. I see you everyday,  feeling so close to you, but I never know your name. I wonder…could we ever be together…one day.
毎朝の、人ごみのバス。カップルと、学生たちと、友人と、あなたと、わたしがいる。 あなたと出会える毎日、あなたとの距離が近いと感じる。しかし、あなたのことを全然知らない… わたしは、幻想を抱いていた。いつかあなたと一緒にいてもいいかも…と。

1024x250THEY / THEY / THEY
The MV about people live in the city.

1024x250The Button Battle / The Button Battle / The Button Battle
The chubby woman disguises herself for the date. Will she conquer the lure of food, and win the love of her prince?

1024x250 水巨人 / THE WATER GIANT / 水巨人
A large number of insects left the nest.Andn the distance, huge and heavy footsteps gradually approaching …

1024x250 虎爺 / Tiger God / 虎神
The story  started ten years ago in Taiwan. In folk religion, Master Tiger, worshiped under the main altar, is frequently neglected and forgotten by the followers. However, He still does His duty to protect all the children in every nook and cranny.

褓母 / BAUMU / 保母
A female killer, who desires to have a child and a cold-blooded male killer. They go to an apartment at night to assassinate a drug addict. Unfortunately, the drug addict’s wife is there on the scene. The female killer has no choice but kills the wife too. Then she finds something underneath the woman’s body – it’s a baby.

1024x250 鬼點子 / Astray Ghost / 鬼アイディア
The animation wants to convey that times of difficulty should not be met with resistance or flight, but that these dangers can be transformed into opportunities to further one self.

1024x250 試煉 / FURTHER / 試験
Little by little, hurting each other leads to an Irrevocable tragedy, and this is just a start of the cycle.

“Succumb to me, I will occupy this land of glory.” Lord of the North declared war upon King of the South. which is the glory of fighting, and the heart of justice is what? Broken soul cry disarray thoughts, whether found in the most primitive and soft corners, the potential of that simple prayer? Is love.

1024x250 歸來 / Return of Lin / 帰り
A female died early and leave husband and daughter. After many years, husband finally made the robot for his love, when he start switch, everything will be come back.

1024x250 (un)real / (un)real / (un)real
孤島中,存在廢棄已久的建築。這座島嶼長久以來所有記憶以某種形式記錄在此處的「塵」中。 有天某處殘骸誕生了新的塵埃,所經之處都出現了變化。 最終塵埃飄流到了山頂:所有記憶的終點。它們爆發並釋放出了這座島嶼所有的記憶 ─ 而所有人為的改變,都將回歸最初,重新開始。
In the isolated island, a heap of ruins and all ancient memories of this island are recorded in certain form called “The Dust”. One day, a new dust appears somewhere. Those areas it passes by are changed. Finally,it drifts to the top of the hill: the end of all memories. The Dust explodes and releases all memories – and all the artificial destruction will restart.

1024x250二桃 / Two Peaches for Three Warriors / 二桃
Three warriors were confused by distributing two peaches for each one, and accidently had a big fight. A old granny kindly helped them solve their problem.

主辦 / 主催

協辦 / 共協





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