【替生百大影展計畫】就是明天,比斯頓影節 / 台灣電影之夜


為了支持台灣優秀的導演及多元的電影作品,今年台灣電影之夜與台灣導演洪馬克發起的「百大影展計劃」合作,總共挑選了10部優秀的近期短片,並將在2015的9月26日禮拜六晚上在比斯頓The White Lion Bar & Kitchen盛大播映,成為「百大影展計劃」子計劃「台灣電影櫥窗」其中一站。





Global Beeston is a unique program organized by the Beeston Film Festival where over 4 nights in 4 months, an evening of short films from Tasmania, Taiwan, Germany and East Midlands (UK). The Global Beeston will promote the cinematic talent and diversity from different countries.

This event is collaboration with the Windows to Taiwanese Films by Mark Ang, and introduced by Arnie Chen.


1. 【Replace_替生】
Directed by Mark Ang_洪馬克
Length : 15:00
Phoebe is pregnant. She has a rare blood type and the possibilities of death while laboring are quite high, the doctors recommend abortion. However, Phoebe decides to ignore the doctors’ advice. Eight months into her pregnancy, tragedy strikes. During one of the couple’s routine walk, they encounters a person jumps off a building and accidentally lands on top of Phoebe, killing both her and the baby. After this ordeal, the hospital persuades the husband, Ethan, to donate Phoebe’s organ. According to the law, the families of the donor cannot seek the whereabouts of the donated organs, however, Ethan decides to look for the person who receives Phoebe’s organ even if it means breaking the law…

12011235_1192677124082573_8556719206121672230_n 12011376_1192677177415901_380070702521530884_n

【First Launch_七點半的太空人 】

Directed by WANG WeiXiu_王尉修
Length :13:30

Little Scissors, a little young girl always dreaming of becoming a space hero. Today is her first day of preschool. Surprisingly, she met the alien attack. Will she fight with them bravely? An incredible and fantasy story is keep going!

12043187_1192670420749910_3748500022540943430_n 12046935_1192673510749601_7563839122852058124_n

3. 【The Pool Man_泳漾】

Directed by Kaidi ZHAN_詹凱迪
Length : 32:00

An overweight boy desperate for love and a former national swimmer struggling to regain his past glory. How will they inspire each other and head for a better life?

11219523_1192668494083436_696560948226456775_n 11223747_1192667974083488_6151465595709435884_n

4. 【MURDER_殺人犯】

Directed by Tzu-Ting,Yang_楊子霆
Length : 06:00

William Cooper, a scientist whose twin brother was murdered.After losing his brother, William determined to clone himself so that his brother could come back. Unfortunately the unexpected person appeared in the clone machine…
“科學家威廉庫柏的雙胞胎弟弟被殺人犯殺害了,悲傷的他決定要用複製機器複製自己,這也等同於創造 了他的弟弟。下定決心的他啓動了機器,但是,那個從機器那端走出的男人,卻不是他所期待的那位……複製人一直是充滿爭議的話題且為人所津津樂道。我們想以複製人為主體創作作品,探討人內心的恐懼 與醜惡。全片風格以單色與大塊面的陰影呈現不安與沉重的情緒,劇情步調快速且曲折離奇,我們希望 能讓觀眾不停的回味,並找的故事的真相。”

12003991_1192667344083551_7132613412537648686_n 12038284_1192667360750216_6284029331642811669_n

5. 【The First Blood_殺人這檔事 】

Directed by Sean Tsai_蔡 翔
Length : 14:17

It was all because of the alcoholic father, when TZ-CHI started to have the thought of killing people. After the divorce of his parents, he and his sister stayed with their father. Unfortunately, they became their father’s beat up toy and sex doll, but it seems they could get over it. Until that night, TZ-CHI decided to do something big before his life end.

11045286_1192662170750735_4793556128015865933_n 12039310_1192662214084064_4383362767988264727_n

6.【The Bread Bear_麵包熊】

Directed by Yi-Chin,Tsai_蔡易錦 ,Wan-Jou, Lu_呂婉柔
Length :12:10

There’s a bear village, living a bear named Bread-bear, selling his own bread for a living. One day, many bears crowd into his store, rushing to buy his bread because of the rich and brown filling which is not supposed to be inside. After investigating, Bread-bear finds that the filling is nothing but the poo-poo! Bread-bear tries to stop the other bears from eating; however, it turns out that he was trapped by other bears..
因為麵包裡突然多了濃郁的巧克力色內餡,麵包熊的店中擠進了許多客 人。麵包熊調查後發現,不明內餡居然是大便!他嘗試阻止村民繼續食用,卻反而被村民們陷害……

12042919_1192658037417815_4303333965933183314_n 12049408_1192658030751149_7231926867130018501_n

7. 【Gashapon Kou-lou-kou-lou_扭蛋叩嘍叩嘍 】

Directed by
Wei-Yuan Chen_詹凱勛,Eden Chan_陳威元,Wen-Yi Chen_陳文意
Length :05:12

Facing the plots that we transformed from our observation of society, the leading role questioned the society and intended to do something at last.

12030276_1192654237418195_3096373534383428106_o 12003900_1192654177418201_7044680567328659645_n

8. 【Shimmer_荒城之光 】

Directed by Komin Lin_林克敏
Length :22:56

Set in the near future. An unexpected nuclear disaster strikes and changes everyone’s fate. As the law and order are destroyed, the world descends into chaos. Chiu-Meng, a military officer, has been looking for her missing son since the catastrophe happened. Driven by desperation, she turns herself into a cold-blooded swordswoman indifferent to people around her. Only when she runs into a man and a boy who insist on doing good deeds does she realize that there is still hope in the world. Nevertheless, they soon get trapped by a group of cannibals. Chiu-Meng now has to fight to protect this dim ray of hope.

11221951_1192651890751763_3400226584149280737_n 12042936_1192651897418429_7100757542134969512_n


Directed by Shih-Ming,Huang_黃士銘
Length :15:00

A village located in the mountains of South China practices an ancient charm, which a girl may use to secure her lover’s loyalty; this charm is known as “GU”.To complete the charm one must obtain a drum with a GU bug slumbering in it. The drum must be beaten to excite the bug as it readies itself to be mixed and consumed with a drop of blood of its owner. A young girl hoping to find love, decides to recreate this thousand year practice…
在中國西南方的深山部落裡,謠傳一種古老的巫術。 女孩可以用它守護自己的愛情,讓愛郎永不變心。這就叫做『蠱』。養在鼓囊沉睡的蠱蟲,在一陣擊鼓聲中驚醒互食、交融變形。杵搗模糊的蠱蟲肉漿與女孩的手滴血浸濡在一塊兒,摻和著如漣漪一般的咕噥嘟嚷巫術語,漾開一段女孩思念愛戀的想望,再造一縷縷永恆堅定的千古信念……

12003895_1192640337419585_1938888643012060859_n 12049489_1192640374086248_2881739747254079416_n

10.【Snail School_慢吞吞小學】

Directed by Weikang Chou_鄒維綱
Length :33:25

Little Tien studies at a tiny school with few students, and she’s the only left and possibly a lonely one after the six-graders graduated. Still, Tien loves to go to school because the principal, seen as a father in her heart, is warm-hearted, and the young teacher Ms. Huang, though sometimes easily irritated, is funny and interesting. However, everything Tien treasures isn’t going to last long, since the Education Bureau has decided to close her school in one semester.Tien cannot do anything but hope time goes by slower so that she can savor every moment at the school. Possibly due to psychological reasons, Tien finds that things happening in her school seem to be in slow motion, and they are so slow that she can capture and draw down all the details. Yet, Ms. Huang doesn’t appreciate her paintings. Fortunately, the principal keeps encouraging Tien to draw whatever she sees, for those are what she truly feels and how she perceives the world— the most precious of all.


12006110_1192637137419905_1585192830654000865_n 12039331_1192637300753222_7118901380361320117_n


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