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Future Film Day has been held for 8 times since 2012 of spring. Different from other regular film festival in Taiwan, Future Film Day actively cooperates with external large-scale of art organizations. Because it’s flexibility and scalability mostly exhibits in city and micro film festivals with experimental unique field to mingling the films into the alley in Taiwan. In Future film Day, audience could get closer to appreciate and enjoy the inherent quality of watching films. More people could see different vision and culture of the world by the collection of short films in this film festival.

The international collection begin in the summer of 2013.Hoping to invite more outstanding works to Taiwan though the Future Film Day, and take this opportunity to come up to international norms. Let different sensation and creativity share to more and more people.

We continually cooperate with different international organization including Future Shorts (the largest shorts festival in the world) from UK, Project team DOGA from Japan, and Animation Works from Denmark; by combining many awarded international films with some outstanding Taiwan local shorts, we established a whole new independent film event for every film-lover. Furthermore, we solicit contribution from all over the world and, in the same time, spread wonderful Taiwan local films to the world. Our aims are to become a long-lasting film platform for every good film to be screened; a bridge between filmmakers and audiences; and a communication channel between locals and internationals.


「未来映画祭」2012年春を始め、今まで既に8 回行いました。台湾の一般的な映画祭と違って 「未来映画祭」は積極的に海外の大型芸文組織と提携し、多数の都市で巡り回って出展しながら、微型映画祭の独特の伸縮延展性を利用して、実験性の特別な場所を組み合わせて、映像を台湾の各町と小路に馴染ますことを目指します。未来映画祭で観衆はもっと近づいて観賞でき、映像の本質を楽しみにできます。わずか数十分間短くされた映画祭の中に世界各地からそれぞれの文化と視野を観賞できます。2013年夏から正式的に国際フィルム募集を始め「未来映画祭」を経由してもっと素晴しい作品を台湾に誘い来い、更に台湾と国際を繋げようと望んでいます。もっと色々な感動を多くの人々に見せましょう。


「FUTURE Film DAY未來電影日-微創影展」主要由數位年輕設計人、藝術家所發起號召的藝文組織「Lives out of life/生活之外的‧生活」這一平台下,所全力推廣的一個藝文活動,是一個致力於將美好的影像帶入生活,將優秀的作品帶向國際的多元的影像平台,自2012年春季至今已辦理了8屆,台灣北、中、南、東共數十場次。影展與巷弄間許多店家合作,包含咖啡廳、藝廊、理髮店、Live house、教室、地下室…等等,已將許多優秀的影片帶進巷弄,帶進生活,觀眾可以更貼近的去欣賞、去享受觀看影片的本質,藉著短短數十分鐘的影片,讓更多的人能看到世界上不同的視野與文化。 我們與英國Future Shorts(全世界最具規模的短片影展)組織、日本Project team DOGA組織、丹麥Animation Works組織取得合作關係,將許多得獎的國際短片引進台灣,同時搭配優秀的台灣短片,創立一個全新的獨立影展帶給喜愛影片的大眾,此外亦辦理國際徵件活動,以及對海外宣傳優秀的台灣作品,希望藉此成立一個能長期提供優秀影片及曝光機會的影像平台,作為創作者與觀眾間、國內和國際間溝通的橋樑。

我們陸續與英國Future Shorts(全世界最具規模的短片影展)組織、日本Project team DOGA組織、丹麥Animation Works組織取得合作關係,將許多得獎的國際短片引進台灣,同時搭配優秀的台灣短片,創立一個全新的獨立影展帶給喜愛影片的大眾,此外亦辦理國際徵件活動,以及對海外宣傳優秀的台灣作品,希望藉此成立一個能長期提供優秀影片及曝光機會的影像平台,作為創作者與觀眾間、國內和國際間溝通的橋樑。

影展目標 Purpose Statement

Making film habit to develop mind and enliven life
Except inside MOCA Taipei venue, the Festival also cooperates with various local shops, reaching the goal of bring art into space and letting film into life. In the same time, we also want to enhance the stream of customer and active regional economic.Hoping through this festival, people will raise their concern about non-commercial and non-mainstream films.


Collects great film all over the world
Not only collect films inside Taiwan, we also solicit great international films and invite filmmakers for comparison and stimulation; moreover, we also held forum of filmmaker experience sharing and specialist introduction and review to shorten the distance between directors and audiences, and further exchanges for people who are interested.


Connecting the global, promote Taiwan outstanding films into to the international
Through the form of experiences exchanges, joint screened event, hold overseas events, and exhibition participation, we actively in associate with international film organization to promote Taiwan’s outstanding film works and enhance Taiwan’s visibility of creativity and energy in the world; and furthermore advance the development of film-related industry in Taiwan.


Become a platform with credibility and reliability for every new and up-and-coming filmmakers
In self-position, we want to be the film festival which is younger, more intimate with life, and closer to society; the one suitable for students, up-and-coming filmmakers, and independent filmmaking team to present their work; the one can support directors and provide a steady platform.


E-mail: livesoutoflife@gmail.com


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