プログラム A 「愛」

Program B 青春無敵
Program C 生命探索
Program D 動画狂想

プログラム A 【愛】

赤信号 / Traffic Light / 紅燈台湾 姜宗泰 JIANG,ZONG-TAI  2017年制作
Drama 00:05:50
Years of friends, summer night, a movie appointment, hidden in the bottom of my heart, the emotion in the ready to make trouble.

タイド / Tidal / 潮汐台湾 李彥勳 LEE,YEN-SHUN 2017年制作

Drama 00:15:45
離島に生まれて住んでいる「海」という男の子は、定期的に港にとどまるセーラー 「タイド」との間にはある言えないほどの関係がある。ある日、タイドが反航してきたとき、海はもう母を自分を出航させたと説得したということをタイドに話した。だが、ずっと海は自分が既婚だという事実を騙し続けているタイドは今回の反航で二人の関係を終わりにしようと決めた。
Ocean, a boy who grew in a small island. He has a taboo relationship with Tide, a sailor who regularly dock the island. On once Tide’s docking.  Ocean is going to tell Tide that he had convinced his mother to let him go sailing. On the other hand, Tide has been concealing his married identity to Ocean. And he decided to end their romance.生長在離島的小海與定期停泊的水手阿泰有著一段不能說出口的關係,一次阿泰的返航,小海告訴阿泰,他已經說服媽媽讓他出海,而一直瞞著小海自己已婚身份的阿泰,決定在這次返航為兩人的關係做個結束。

SILENCE台湾 王子豪 WANG, TZU – HAO  2016年制作
Drama 00:26:20
Mom climbs mountain once a year with her son and they come to the mountain to miss Dad. Put one year’s fatigue and thoughts down They bring their own secret back to the city and restart to face a new year.

Back for the memory  / 走棋
台湾 陳順家 CHEN,SHUN-JIA 2016年制作
Drama 00:26:13
Wenbin returns home after his mother has passed away. His father remains as reticent as always, and the only way for father and son to convey their feelings is through the chess game that they never manage to finish…

Story Unbridled / 幻境綺想台湾 林學寬 LIN,HSUEH-KUAN 2017年制作
Drama 00:14:18
Jie has again fallen into an awkward dream where he discovers people’s obsessions. He is here for Rachel though, a girl who appears in his dreams. Although Jie has met her in different dreams, the two have never had an actual conversation. However, this special occasion at the tavern gets them together again and coincidentally animates the gloomy tavern with a carnival-like dancing blast that liberates the minds of the depressed crowd.